Life on Board

Life On Board ;

Every day We normally visit two bays, making the last stop the place to stay for the night. It is necessary for the yachts to visit a larger port every three or four day to enable us to take on water, ice and fresh provisions. Client’s participation is always welcome on board of yachts. The captains and crew enjoy passing their experience onto the clients and if we wish to steer the yacht or lend their hands at setting the sails, the crew can teach them.Or you could enjoy reading your book on a silent deck.we prefer to use the sails as much as possible, rather then just cruising with the engine (approx.. 4 hours), but of course this depends on the wind direction. Energetic clients may take the advantage of the windsurf or fishing equipment on board and those who wish to do absolutely nothing are encouraged to do so. A fully qualified captain and two or three crew members are serving in the boats. Along with their responsibilities as sailors one of the crew is also cook, the other one is responsible to clean the clients’ cabins and bathrooms daily and keep the boat tidy. And we are very careful to be all clean, shaved, showered and have clean T-shirts on during the entire cruising.

Food & Drink ;

Turkish cuisine is said to be the third greatest in the world. Menus contain all the local
produce available in what is mainly regional home cooking. A variety of salads, yogurt and vegetable dishes accompany various chicken, meat and fish recipes. For vegetarians the Turkish food is ideal and
can be easily accommodated. Below gives you some idea of what usually serve; Breakfast: Selection of cheese, butter, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, jams and honey. Eggs, sausage or salami are also served on alternate days. Tea and Nescafe Lunch: Traditional seasonal vegetable dishes such as Imam Bayildi (a stuffed aubergine dish) or Güveç (a meat and vegetable casserole), served with mixed salads, pasta or rice. TeaTime: Biscuits or Borek (a special home made savory pastry). Tea and Nescafe Dinner: Home made soup, mezes ( a selection of cold starters and salads) served with a meat, chicken or fish main course. Fresh fruit platter or desert. Also wherever possible, we like to entertain the clients to a BBQ one evening during the tour. On board we also have yacht’s bar where most drinks are available